Accommodating your needs

PD(S)-series: accommodating your needs

In the PD(S) series we offer two types of pumps: the PD and PDS radial piston pump. The difference is in the maximum operating pressure of both pumps. The PD pump can generate a maximum pressure of up to 700 bar, while the PDS pump can deliver up to 1.000 bar! Besides, we offer this type of pump directly connected to a gear pump as well.


  • 500 Bar / 700 Bar / 1 000 Bar
  • 0,22 to 3,22 cm³/rev
  • High volumetric efficiency (up to 98%)
  • Wide speed range (100 > 3 000 rev/min)
  • Combination with gear pump possible
  • 1 to 2 Pressure outputs possible (depending on n° pistons)
  • Low pulsation, low noise level
  • Self-priming and venting
  • Offshore versions available (Marine version)


  • Size 2
  • Light weight compact version
  • High-strength aluminum body and piston-cover
  • Modular concept (easy to replace piston assembly)
  • Customized assembly possible
  • Marine version = FPM seals + special coated external parts


  • Clamping device
  • Remote handling tools (rescue, cutting, punching,…)
  • Accumulator charging units
  • Lifting systems
  • Compact presses
Technical data
Hydraulic fluid Mineral or synthetic oil according DIN 51524 (BIO, other on demand)
Viscosity range 10 to 220 mm²/s
Recommended oil ISO VG 10 to 68 cSt (conf. DIN 51 519)
Filtration According ISO/DIN 4406 17/15/12 (NAS 1638 class 6)
Fluid temperature range -30 to +80°C (attention to the viscosity range)
Ambient temperature range -40 to +60°C
Speed range 100 to 3 000 rev/min
Direction of rotation Bi-directional
Suction height max 500mm
Operation pressure on suction port -0,2 Bar to 0,5 Bar
Max pressure on output port 500 Bar, 700 Bar or 1 000 Bar (depending on piston size and version)
Axial force on driving shaft Not allowed
Radial force on driving shaft on request
Port connections Via fittings ISO 228/1 (BSP), other on demand)

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