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Wimmer Pumps: your high-pressure hydraulics supplier

Manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulics components

Wimmer Pumps manufactures high-pressure hydraulics components and systems for use on mobile and industrial machinery. Our range comprises, among other components, radial piston pumps, motor – pump combinations, hydraulic aggregates and HP/LP-pumps. These are suitable for a wide pressure range and displacement and can be applied for tunnel construction, lifting mega constructions, use in bending machines, punch presses, offshore applications and so on. Wimmer Pumps are well known for their high level of efficiency and durability. Moreover, they are maintenance-friendly and custom-made according to your specific requirements.

Today you can still find well functioning pumps that were produced in the early years, which proves their reliability and high quality.

The origin of Wimmer Pumps

The origin of Wimmer Pumps dates back to 1898 in the German town of Sulzbach am Inn. Founded by Benedikt and his son Otto Wimmer, the company started by agricultural machinery and equipment. Later on, B. Wimmer & Sohn became more and more known for producing auxiliary engines and motorcycles. In time the name of the company changed to Motorenfabrik Otto Wimmer.

In the years following World War II they continued to produce motorcycles up till 1980. Because of mixed results Otto Wimmer decided to start producing high-pressure pumps, these have been commercially marketed since 1967. In 1990 Otto’s son Axel Wimmer joined the company. In 1998, after completing a full restructuring, Axel sold the company. 

Until 2007 Kraus & Wimmer continued to manufacture high-pressure pumps at their new location in the German town of Ruhstorf an der Rott. From 2007 onwards the production of the high-pressure pumps relocated to the German town of Krefeld by the company Fluitronics. In 2019 Hydroserv took over the entire production and, for the first time in history, moved it abroad to Belgium. From this moment on the name officially changed to Wimmer Pumps.

Who we are

Marc Pardon is the driving force behind Wimmer Pumps. As former service technician and executive manager of Hydroserv, Marc knows the importance of reliability and durability of high-pressure hydraulics. Together with his experienced team of skilled workers he focusses strictly on the customer’s needs. As a result, Wimmer Pumps aims for a high level of innovation and durability, committing itself to excellence.


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